Vol 42, No 1 (2020)

Basic Sciences Series

Table of Contents


Dolomitization in upper cretaceous carbonated rocks of Al-Querdaha sheet PDF
Ahlam Ibrahim
Formulation and Solving Fractional linear programming Models Using Development of Lagrange s’ Method PDF
Mouhamad Maziad Dribate
Studying the effect of the geometric section shape of bourdon tube on the of tube tip PDF
Badr Al-Aaraj, Neruda Barakat, Feras Saleh
Evaluating the performance of Turbo Coding in Optical Communication Systems PDF
Ahmad Alsayed Almasri
Numerical Simulation to Solve Systems of Stochastic Delay Differential Equations PDF
Suliman M. Mahmood, Ahmad Al-Wassouf, Amina Asaad
Groundwater quality assessment in the ophiolite area of (BAER-BASSIT) in north-western Syria PDF
Areej Adra, Mhamd Hicham Abazli, Aballah Franji
studying some structural properties and thermal stability of the piezoelectric material〖Al〗_(1-x) 〖Fe〗_x 〖PO〗_4 PDF
Afif Barhoum, Ali Darwisho, Ali Darwich
Conformational Analysis for 3-Halopropene in Gas Phase using The Complete Basis Set (CBS) Limit Extrapolation Scheme PDF
Mohammad Abd Al-Hakim Badawi, Adham Ismail
Manufacturing electrical conductive cell and studying the optimum conditions of its work and analytical applications PDF
Hajar Naser Nasser, Deema Haitham Hamoudeh
Study of Textural Characteristics of The Surface Sediments along Al- Ramel Al- Janobi coast- Latakia- Syria PDF
Samer Ghadeer Ghadeer, Mohammad Yousef Balaa, Lama Jaber Ghaneem

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