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مجلة جامعة تشرين للبحوث والدراسات العلمية- سلسلة العلوم البيولوجية

scientific , Peer Review(double Blined), Periodic -Published bimonthly -(6 Issue / year)

Tishreen University Journal for Research and Scientific Studies and Scientific Biological Sciences Series ISSN:2079-3065




arabic impact factor(2018) :1.1

معامل التأثير العربي  
Posted: 2019-03-23
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Vol 42, No 1 (2020): Biological Sciences Series

Table of Contents


Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Helminths Infection (IPHI) in Patients Attending Microbiological Laboratory of Tishreen University Hospital in Lattakia/Syria between 2016-2019 PDF
Amal Ebrahim Dayoub
Direct selection of egg mass traits associated with indirect selection of some productive traits in dwarf chickens PDF
Mohamad Al_mahrous, Nabil Heswany
Morphological Study For Specie Of Genus Adiantum L. Pteridaceae Growing In Some Areas In Lattakia – Syria PDF
Salma Deebo
The Effect of Number of Leaves Leaved on the cuttings and Depth of planting on Rooting Percentage of olive variety (Al-Qaisi) in controlled conditions PDF
Faisal Daway, Reem Ali
Effect of flaxseed alcoholic extract on naphthalene-induced liver damage in Syrian hamsters PDF
Mohammed Darious, Ali Daoud, Abeer Dawara
Determine the Forage Importance Value of Dhaher Al Khribat forest (Latakia – Syria) PDF
Yassin Chikh Mohamed
Effect of repetition collection of semen on its characters of two types of local cock in Syria PDF
Zuhair Jabbour, Mohsen Hamishi, Nehal Ahmed Melhem
Efficiency of Pollination with some pollinizers in improving fruit set of Syrian olive cultivar "Khoderi" PDF
Faisal Wajeh Douay, Mazen Rajab, Mohammad Ahmad Mhanna
Confirmation Study Of Vipera Palaestinae (Werner, 1938) (Reptilia: Viperidae) Presence In The Syrian Coastal Region PDF
Aroub Almasri, Nahla Ibrahim, Muhammed Adnan Ahmed
Contribution to the Inventory and Classification of Aquatic birds as natural enemies of fish in the Lake Dam 16th of Tishreen PDF
Mohamad Ghalyah, Adib Zeini, Razan Hasan Balloul
Influence of Foliar Application of Boron , Zinc and Humic acid on production of Olive fruit (khodeiry variety), quality of fruit and content of oil PDF
Georges Makhoul Makhoul, Mouhammad Naddaf, Ali Zidan, Ruba Abu Alshamlat

ISSN: 2663-4260