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مجلة جامعة تشرين للبحوث والدراسات العلمية- سلسلة العلوم الاقتصادية والقانونية

scientific , Peer Review(double Blined), Periodic -Published bimonthly -(6 Issue / year)

Tishreen University Journal for Research and Scientific Studies , Economic and Legal Sciences Series ISSN:2079-3073



Arabic impact factor(2018):1.1

معامل التأثير العربي  
Posted: 2019-03-23
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Vol 42, No 1 (2020): Economic and Legal Sciences Series

Table of Contents


The Role Of Training Strategy In The Development Of Emotional Intelligence "Field Study On Administrative Staff At Tishreen University" PDF
Kinda Ali Dib
La Légimité Juridique De La Recherche Sur L'embryon Humain Conçu Dans Le Cadre De La Procréation Médicalement Assistée PDF
Fawaz Saleh
The Impact Of Bank Preferences On The Composition Of Loan Portfolios An Applied Study On A Sample Of Private Commercial Banks In Syria PDF
Rami Mohammad Mohammad
Russia's Foreign Policy And The Search For A Role In The New International Order PDF
Nizar Kanoua, Nour Katabi
International Economic Relations Under Natural Gas As A Fuel Engine (Analytical Study Of The Production And Consumption Of The Most Important Actors) PDF
Mohammad Maen Dayoub, Rola Ismail, Aula Sadeq
The Experience Of Health Insurance In The Syrian Arab Republic Between 2010- 2018 PDF
Loay Sayoh, Malek Hassan, Asef Haider
Comparison Of Venture Capital And Business Incubation In Financing And Supporting Small And Medium Corporates With The Possibility Of The Development Of Integration Between Them PDF
Youssef Mahmoud, Torfah Shriqy, Nawar Hammouda
Requirements Of Applying Marketing Quality Management In Commercial Banks (Field Study On Private Commercial Banks Working In Syria) PDF
Koussay Ammar, Sinan Halloum, Bassam Mohammed
The Impact Of International Economic Sanctions On Small And Medium Enterprises In Syria PDF
Muhammad Maan Dayoub, Roula Gazi Ismaiel, Lina Aizouki
The Role Of Political Television Advertisement Of The People's Assembly On The Electoral Participation For Postgraduate Students At Tishreen University PDF
Bassam Zaher, Gazal Safia
The Role Of Using Balanced Scorecard In Improving Financial Performance A Field Study On The Banks Operating In The Syrian Coast PDF
Etaab Yousef Hassoun
Using Box-Jenkins Methodology For Forecasting The Numbers Of Arrivals Through Syrian-Lebanese Border Crossings PDF
Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

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