Vol 42, No 1 (2020)


Table of Contents


Study of the Most Important Factors of Real Estate Valuation Affecting the Real Estate Market (Case Study Jableh City) PDF
Ali Janoud
Study the Effect of Plate and Nerve Type on the Behavior of Metal Joints in Fire Conditions PDF
Mouhanad Faez Nasra
Study the Effect of The Announcement Traffic Indication Messages Window ATIM Size on the Performance of the Ad-hoc Networks in Power Saving Mode PSM PDF
Mohammed Hijazieh, Mais Sultanah
Dynamic Behavior of Steel Bolted Flush End Plate Beam-to-Column Joints During Progressive Collapse PDF
Badia Haidar, Ghandi Loho, Khudr ALhaj
Simulation and Evaluate The Performance of The Pure Optical Amplifier Using a Split-Phase Fourier Transform Algorithm PDF
Faek Arraj, Afif Sakkour, Hadeel Essa, Nagham Abbas
Study of Mechanical Strength Characteristics For Roller Compacted Concrete with Recycled Aggregates PDF
Find Local Standards for Car Parking in Residential Neighborhood in Latakia City PDF
Shaza Assaad, Heba Jaraa
Evaluating the Urban Public Transportation Network in Lattakia City Using GIS Techniques PDF
Shaza Assaad, Yara Salloum
Evaluation of Actors Affecting the Time of Residential Building Projects PDF
Fayez Jrad, Abeer Ebrahim Ebrahim
Method of Making the Decision to Find the Optimal Technological Alternative to Treat the Demolition Waste in the Syrian Case PDF
Bassam Hasan, Jamal Omran, Hassan Ali
Improve the Performance of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine by Increasing the Temperature of the Exhaust Gases PDF
Nabil Gadeer, Bahaa Baddour
Forecasting the Final Cost of Infrastructure Projects in Syria Using Earned Value Management and Artificial Intelligence PDF
Bassam Hassan, Samah Makkieh, Nver Titizian
Air Compression Cycle Analysis in Mines PDF
Awatef Wahid Nasra
Calculate the Inter-pressure of Multi-stage Compressors PDF
Mouna Safi Esber
Using the Stochastic Geometry and Characteristics Method for Modeling and Analysis of Interference in Automotive Radar PDF
Ghadir Madi, Khawla Hamwi, Mary Titizian
Effect Of Fines Content in Natural Soils on their Properties PDF
Tawfeek Fayyad
Development of a New Model for Cascade Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on DC-DC Boost Converter to Track the Maximum Power Point of Photovoltaic Energy Systems PDF
Imane Dilaneh
A Study in Technical and Economic Indicators of Post-Tensioned Slabs Execution For Rise Buildings PDF
Bassam Hasan, Jamal Omran, Ali Fedda
Improving (pre-copy) Algorithm in Terms of Time and Productivity PDF
Ahmad Saker Ahmad, Haider Khalil
Determination of Stress Shear on Interface of Reinforced Concrete Jacketed Beam PDF
Bassam HWAIJA, Qusai NADDAF, Mirna SBHI
Influence Of Fly Ash Resulted from the Burning of Plants the Properties Of Swelling PDF
Tawfeek Fayyad
Hull Structural Weight Estimation of New General Cargo Ships Using Principal Dimensions PDF
Ghaleb Ahmad
Effect Strengthen of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Created Central Opening with CFRP around These Opening Under Combined Torsion and Bending PDF
Ghandi Jahjah, Ihsan Altarsha, Dareen Alsalamah
Importance of MCDM in Labor Productivity for Construction Projects PDF
Ali Janood, Hazem Jded
The Social Integration from Regional Planning Vision PDF
Raida Deeb, Haifa Saleh

Editor in chief: Prof. Dr. Hani Chaaban

Editorial Board ,Secretary Editor:Dr. Amir Tfiha