Vol 42, No 1 (2020)

Medical Sciences Series

Table of Contents


The role of immunohistochemical markers in detecting Helicobacter Pylori PDF
Ali Kamel Daoud
Die: Between Conventional And Digital Techniques An in vitro comparative study PDF
Nasser Baherli, Muhammad Marwan chammout
Studying The Effect of Storage Conditions on The Fungal Growth in Infant Cereal Products at Local Market PDF
Dima Al-Diab, Sheiam Sulaeman, Dima Nizar Deeb
Study the effect of myopia on macular retinal thickness in adults by optical coherence tomography PDF
Najwa kordoghli, Habib yousef, Yara daher
Role of Magnetic Rsonance Imaging (MRI) in Grading Supratentorial Gliomas Comparable with Pathology PDF
foaz bador, rna esa, Nisrin Haydar
The association between pre – pregnancy body mass index (BMI) and risk of preeclampsia PDF
Ahmad Hassan Yousef, Jehad Ayoub, Maher Yousef
Efficacy of fractional co2 laser in the treatment of facial atrophic acne scars in Tishreen University Hospital outpatients in Lattakia 2017-2018 PDF
Mohamad Ismaiel, Jamal khaddam, Ola Issa
Evaluation the salivary zinc assay as a potential diagnostic tool in potential malignant lesions of oral cavity PDF
Samira Zraiki, Muhammed Imad Khayat, Marwa Mohammad Khalil
The Degree Of Control Of Diabetes And Cardiovascular Risk Factors For Patients Visiting Tishreen Hospital In Lattakia PDF
Akram Gehgah, Ruba Salman, Kenana kanna
Assessment the Nurses' Knowledge about Family Planning Methods in Health Centers in Lattakia PDF
Nisreen Mostafa, Linda Saleh, Manal Al-Shawakh
Comparison of stool antigen test with histological examination of gastric biopsy for detection of Helicobacter Pylori infection in children with nodular antritis. PDF
Ali Ibrahim, Ali Dawod, Razan Omran
The Relationship between the Level of Nutritional Awareness and Healthy Nutritional Behavior of Women in Lattakia city- Syria PDF
Issa Abboud Dona
Comparison of Surgical Procedures for Evacuating Uterus in The First Trimester Abortion PDF
Lena ramadan
The reality of intellectual capital management at the Faculty of Physical Education at Tishreen Universit PDF
kholoud nizar alideeb
Neonatal Nurses Knowledge and Attitude toward Kangaroo Mother Care Practice PDF
Anna Ahmad

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