Vol 39, No 3 (2017)

العلوم الصحية

Table of Contents


Histopathologic Study Of Esophageal Lesions Using Biopsied Data In Pathologic Departments In Tishreen University Hospitals PDF
Issa Ahmad
Problems encountered by nursing student during their clinical training in the hospital PDF
Nisreen Daoud
Studying The Effect of Age and Gender on The Distribution of The two types keratocystic odontogenic tumour PDF
Nabil Kochaji
Prudent Management of the Mid-Cheek Mass: Revisiting the Accessory Parotid Gland Tumor PDF
Arige Alassaf
Study of biofilm formation in clinical bacterial isolates of urinary tract infection. PDF
Rawaa Al-kayali
The Role of Gabapentin in The Treatment of Tinnitus PDF
Yousef Watfa
The importance of biopsy in clinically diagnosed metastatic lesions in patients with breast cancer PDF
Nader Abedallaa
Assessment of the Nurse’s Role Regarding drug Administration of Cardiovascular Patients PDF
Sabah reslan
Relation of vitamin D deficiency with maternal morbidity PDF
Ahmad Yusuf Yusuf, Haytham Yazaje, Mawia Kserawy
Direct and early complications of femoro-popliteal bypass in sequence of atheroscerosis treatment. PDF
Ali Kafa, Ghanem Ahmad, Mohammad Salloum
Right ventricular function in patients with pulmonary hypertension; the value of myocardial performance index (Tei index) measured by tissue Doppler imaging PDF
Abdullah Ibrahim, Ghazwan Mohammad
Bacterial Acute Cystitis In Females In sexual-active Age "causal study" PDF
Louai Naddaf, Isaac Mohaan, Fadi yousef
The study of clinical results and surgical complications of chronic subdural hematoma according to management PDF
Bassam Saqer, Mouhammad Ali, William Dweer
A comparative study between tramadol and fentanyl in spinal anesthesia in cesarean section PDF
Abd AlHadi Salama, Taysir Ibrahim, Saleh Karam
The effect of the use of special exercises directed towards Sensory perception of motor to improve the skill of receiving the serve in volleyball PDF
Mayssem Zahra, Luay Salama, Mohammed Al – Halabi
Postoperative analgesia and adverse effects of low doses of intrathecal neostigmine in orthopedic surgery PDF
Taysir Ibrahim, Maysaa Barakat, Reham Mahfood
The value of cervical length to predict preterm birth. PDF
Hasan Saleh, Safaa Selman, Nawar Said
Assessment of self-assertiveness among faculty nursing students in Tishreen University (Descriptive research) PDF
Solaf Hammoud, Lobnah Dawod, Ola Keheli
Evaluation the role of the internal layer of periosteum and the bone in osteogenesis in periosteal distraction PDF
Hekmat yakoob, Elias Botrous, Ahmad Al Nashar
Surgical treatment of peptic ulcer (Surgical methods followed at Alasad university hospital in Lattakia) PDF
Aktham Kanjarawe, Ali Alosh, Modar Saied
Peri-procedural myocardial injury during percutaneous coronary intervention: Incidence, causes and risk factors PDF
Hassam Blah, Basem Maroof, Mahmud Jabber
The efficacy of Dexamethasone in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting after laparoscopic cholecystectomy PDF
Lama Adra, Tyseer Ibrahim, Bahaa ALaji
In Vitro -A Study of the Effects of Varying Interproximal Extension of Feldspathic Veneers on their Fracture Resistance PDF
Rima Saker, Haidar Soulieman
Effect Of Rehabilitation On war causalities (lower amputation) Quality Of Life in Latakia PDF
Sawsan Gazal, Gafar ALkeer

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