Textual Interactionism in the Poems of Women in the Abbasid Era


  • arwa nasra Tishreen University
  • Adnan Al-Ahmad Tishreen University
  • Yarb Kheder Tishreen University


        The research deals with the issue of textual attachment in women's poetic creativity within a chronological context framed specifically in the Abbasid Era.Therefore, it seeks the textual presence of textual attachment in women's poetic production. The research sample aims to study the nature of this particular textual presence, which is based on the textual interaction of previous texts (related to them) that were consciously or unconsciously evoked in later women's poetic texts (related), and the relational that this textual presence is based on, which is frequent between intertextuality.

      The research seeks to clarify the issue of the levels of textual presence of textual communication, the functional dimensions assigned to it, and focus on them, in order to monitor the nature of transformations, the degree of shifts that have occurred on partial themes, and the textual structures formed in relationships at their verbal and moral levels, both, all within the framework of the new textual construction, and within the process of the new textual lives granted to textual structures, and partial themes formed from Native texts due to the migration of texts to New textual realms.



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nasra, arwa, Adnan Al-Ahmad, & Yarb Kheder. (2023). Textual Interactionism in the Poems of Women in the Abbasid Era. Tishreen University Journal- Arts and Humanities Sciences Series, 44(6), 251-268. Retrieved from http://journal.tishreen.edu.sy/index.php/humlitr/article/view/14065