Employment of Abi Nowas in Contemporary Arabic Poetry


  • hossein goli Arak university
  • Abdol vahid Navidi Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran


Modern Arabic literature has introduced the use of traditional characters as the value of poetic experiences, and among the controversial traditional characters is the personality of Abi Navas, who rejected the style of the ancients in the ancients and the desire to create, in the sense of poetic experiences in special life vessels that were common in life. There are many contemporary poets who pay attention to this technique to enrich their literature, including Adonis and Amal Dangul, and according to Sheikh Jafar, who is inspired by tradition in their poems, they use the personal aspects of Abi Navas as an interpretation of their poetic experiences. To hire a character is interpreted as the price of feelings towards the dishes of their lives, especially for friendship.



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