Signed Domination Number of Graph


  • Mohammad Hassan Tishreen University
  • Muhsin Al Hassan Tishreen University
  • Mazen Mostafa Tishreen University


Let G(V, E) be a finite connected simple graph. A function  ¦ : V(G) ® {-1,1} is a signed dominating function if for every vertex vÎV(G), the closed neighborhood of  v contains more vertices with function values 1 than with -1. The signed domination number gs(G) of G is the minimum weight of a signed dominating function on G. In this paper, we calculate the signed domination numbers of the Cartesian product of two paths P­m and Pn for m= 8 and arbitrary n.

Author Biographies

Mohammad Hassan, Tishreen University

Professor ,Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science,

Muhsin Al Hassan, Tishreen University

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science

Mazen Mostafa, Tishreen University

Postgraduate Student ,Department of  Mathematics, Faculty of Science



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