Concepts and Applications of Sustainable Housing Design Study of Youth Housing Situation in Lattakia City


  • Tammam Fakoush Damascus University
  • Meriyam Makdsi Damascus University


sustainability, Sustainable housing, Environmental resources


The lack of adequate housing is considered one of the most important problems of the age, which suffers from a large drain on various resources to fulfill the needs of the current population without regard to future generations. The problem of the research is concentrated on not observing the principles and foundations of sustainable design in new housing projects in the city of Lattakia, which increases the deterioration of environmental elements and resources, especially non-renewable without meeting the needs of the people present and without preserving the right of future generations of these resources.

The research began according to a scientific sequence by explaining the concepts related to sustainable housing design and studying some previous experiences of sustainable housing projects, then the field application stage started by presenting and analyzing a model of the youth housing project in Lattakia city according to the foundations and criteria derived from the theoretical study on sustainable housing design, then the research has developed proposals to improve this model. Where he concluded through the study and analysis that these models have overlooked many aspects of sustainable design, such as the absence of local technology and modern technologies that are necessary in achieving sustainable design, which is the approach adopted in many countries to reduce housing problems, where we note that the focus was on the quality of internal relations For a sedative (job) without paying attention to environmental remedies, although there are several positive points in these models. The research emphasized the need to include the principles of sustainability within the methodology of studying and designing housing projects.

Author Biographies

Tammam Fakoush, Damascus University

Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architectural Design

Meriyam Makdsi, Damascus University

Postgraduate Student (Master), Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architectural Design,



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