A Study of the Optimum Values of Sizing Factors for 36Ne Cotton Yarn


  • Maha Suliman Tishreen University


warp yarn, cotton material, yarn size, machine pulling speed, squeezing cylinders pressure, sizing solution viscosity.


The quality of woven fabric and its using resistance  depend basically on textile preparation which applied on warp yarn , from recycling to warping and finally sizing that considered as the heart of fabrics weaving .

Sizing means , flashing cotton yarn with a thin film of size so it will be stronger and will have better mechanical characteristics , which will increase the productivity of weaving machine.

this research is aimed to studying of the sizing factors changing effects on the mechanical characteristics of cotton yarn, to insure success of sizing which lead to perfect weaving operation, and optimum using resistance of the fabric according to the final goal.

Author Biography

Maha Suliman, Tishreen University

Work Supervisor- Member-Basic science Department- Faculty of Mech & Elec Engineering-



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