Studying and Designing Photonic Crystal Fiber using Fractal Engineering


  • Ralda Jaafar Tishreen Univercity
  • Alsamawal Saleh Tishreen University
  • Hadeel Issa Tishreen University


Photonic Crystal Fibers – Fractal Engineering – Dispersion – Confinment Loss – Finite Element Method


In recent years, Fractal engineering has been used extensively in all fields of science, especially in the field of microscopy and optical communication due to the additional parameters that the fractal object provides over Euclidean. This research demonstrates the design of a photonic crystal fiber that depends on the )Sprinski Carpet). The research aims to study and compare the fractional photonic crystal fiber (FPCF) with the hexagonal photonic crystal fiber (HPCF) by using (Comsol Multiphysics) as a simulation program, which depends on the finite element method (FEM). We change the stage of growth (s = 1) and (s = 2),then the dispersion and confinement loss properties were studied and calculated using (Matlab) program and compared with the traditional hexagonal photonic crystal fiber, within the range of studied wavelengths [0.4 λ 2] m.



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جعفر ر, السموءل صالح, هديل عيسى. Studying and Designing Photonic Crystal Fiber using Fractal Engineering. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2023Dec.7 [cited 2024Jun.21];45(5):103-16. Available from: