Environmental Management of Olive Mills in Al-Sin Basin


  • Haytham Jnad Tishreen University
  • Raed Jafar Tishreen University
  • Shereen Gokhadar Tishreen University


Environmental problems are the focus of attention in most countries of the world, and among these problems in Syria is the pollution that affects our water resources, the most important of which is the problem of waste resulting from the pressing of olive fruits, where it is disposed of by subtracting it in nature without any prior treatment, which leads to soil and water pollution and leaves negative impacts on the components of the ecosystems. This research proposed solutions for the management of mill waste, as the study area is represented in the Al-Sin basin, and the current status of mills in the region was evaluated. This study also presents a methodology to find the typical method for olive mill waste management using the AHP hierarchy analysis method represented by Expert Choice software. The study concluded that the typical way to manage the olive mill waste is to establish central mills in the industrial areas.



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هيثم جناد, رائد جعفر, شيرين جوخدار. Environmental Management of Olive Mills in Al-Sin Basin. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2023Jul.18 [cited 2024Apr.20];45(3):359-77. Available from: https://journal.tishreen.edu.sy/index.php/engscnc/article/view/15588