Development Of An Active Suspension System To Prevent Passenger Cars Rollover


  • Nizar Mohammad Tishreen University
  • Mohammad Ibraheem Khnaisi Tishreen University
  • Rabie Habib Tishreen University


Rollover is one of the most dangerous maneuvers that a vehicle may undergo at driving , and the main cause of most traffic accidents deaths . Therefore, this study  presents  a developed model of Double A-Arms Suspension System , designed specifically to prevent the rollover of passenger cars during critical cornering maneuvers . The developed suspension system distinguishes by its ability to control of its roll center position , by controlling the inclination angles of the upper transverse arms , and  its ability to provide an increase in the vehicle  track width , during the control of   roll center  position .

A model of the  developed suspension system was built within the MATLAB-Multibody modeling environment  . All parameters of this model were set to be equivalent to the parameters of the “Double Wishbone Suspension” reference model, built for a traditional Double A-arms Suspension System in the same previous environment, and stored within the MATLAB example library. The reference and developed models were then tested under the same critical cornering maneuver conditions .

The developed  model showed an ability to avoid rollover , unlike the reference  model .  The developed  model  also retained  its ability to provide a good level of vibration dampening .



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