Comparative study for various methods of calculating the volumes of dredging in harbors


  • Mouhsen AHMAD
  • Iyad ABBAS


marine area, port, geodetic observation network, surveying program, geographic information systems, port removal, silt, harbor deposits.


The objective of the research is to complete a theoretical and practical study related to coastal marine works in order to calculate the amounts of silt removal from harbor basins and entrances, and to present the methods and devices used in the performance of topographic survey and numerical methods in the calculation and comparison of quantities.

In the theoretical part, the factors that lead to the formation of silt deposits in the port basins, the methods of their removal and the deepening of the navigational pathways to enter and exit the harbors were addressed.

In the practical part, the results, methods of measurements and topographic results were presented during the stages of investment of the port, at least two stages, at the beginning of the investment and before the process of direct withdrawal, and then calculating the quantities of the implemented and comparing them, to obtain maritime plans and final quantities.

The research concluded with specific proposals on the methods of calculating the quantities of the isolated port, the method of constructing the measured geodetic networks, the achievement of the topographic elevation under the water surface, and the identification of the software parts related to the various marine works and ways of benefiting from them.



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