Study of a Local Silo Using Nonlinear Static Analysis and Rehabilitation


  • Neman Issa


Silo, pushover, rehabilitation.


The importance of cylindrical concrete silos is due to their use in storing vital materials and is considered very important strategically.Therefore, storage silos are considered to be private structures that are subjected to unusual collapses due to multiple and unusual loads. Earthquakes Due to the exposure of the storage material to the earthquakes, it significantly increases the pressure on the walls of the silos. Silos still retain their importance as a research topic, but few studies on the response of these facilities to seismic loads can be found, and few national or international codes include requirements for the seismic design of silos.

The silo selected for the study is in the Tartous Cement Factory, which was carried out in 1982 and stored (raw materials for the manufacture of cement - cement - additives for cement), and the silo is studied according to the German code and is not studied on earthquakes.

The purpose of this study is to study the silo implemented through a case study using nonlinear static analysis (pushover), by conducting an applied analytical study on a vacuum model (3D) of the silo and to propose different reinforcing solutions (rehabilitation) of the case and compare them to mitigate the damage caused by earthquakes. Where the results of the analysis showed that the rehabilitation using steel jacket gave a compliance, which leads to the increase of the transitions reversed the rehabilitation of concrete jacket that led to the reduction.



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