Fees publishing

Fees publishing

Fees proposed to be collected by researchers who wish to publish In Tishreen University journal


- No fees are collected from a researcher from Tishreen University (a technical staff member and a faculty member) who wishes to publish in Tishreen University journals.

 - Paying a publication fee of 50000 SP  fifty thousand Syrian pounds for each research for each researcher from private universities who wishes to publish.

- Payment of publication fees of 20000  twenty thousand Syrian pounds for each research for each individual researcher who is not affiliated with any research organization who wishes to publish

- Payment of a publication fee of  10,000 SYP. Ten thousand Syrian pounds for postgraduate students (Masters/PhD) from private universities and other public universities. Postgraduate students at Tishreen University are exempted from fees.

 - Receive an amount of $150 deposited in a special financial account at the University of Tishreen from Arab and foreign researchers in return for arbitration fees for their research deposited in the Directorate of Journals of Tishreen University

-For inquiries, please contact the official email of Tishreen University journal Tishreen.University.Journal@Tishreen.edu.sy