Information For Authors

Ethics Approval and Consent for Authors

                     Ethics Approval and Consent for Authors

   Authors who present Manuscripts  reporting studies involving human participants, human data or human tissue are required to sign this form.  

This informed consent form has two parts:

  • Code Number of Health Ministry approval if it is available. 
  • Certificate of Consent with signature  from all authorships  according to the  following form: 

Ethical Considerations Approval

Title of manuscript (MS):

Author/s name:

Name of Organization:

Name of project and version of  work part of project:

 Author(s)  is / are responsible for the content and the content  in no way represents the views of the publisher.

I / We declare that the above research got the approval from the Medical Research Ethics Committee of …(Ministry of Health or Hospital administration / (name of country). The author/s are responsible for the following  considerations:

  1. All the needed information for patients or their parents should  be  presented    by using  local and simplified terms for a disease  in their common  language  and invite them  to be part of this 
  2. The patients have enough time to decide whether or not they will participate in the research.
  3. Any patient can talk to anyone he/she feel comfortable with about the research, ask researcher or physician or medical staff  any   question about research work sample, way to gain sample and the purpose of using the sample in the  present time or future..
  4. I/We confirm as author/s that our signing of this form is to guarantee that the submitted manuscript is in accordance with the Ethical approval


1-Name with position ---------------------  Signature ------------


2- Name with position --------------------- Signature ------------


3- Name with position --------------------- Signature-----------


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