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Tishreen University Journal- Economic and Legal Sciences Series

Print ISSN: 2079-3073, Online ISSN:2663-4295

Tishreen University Journal -Economic and Legal Sciences Series is a peer-reviewed journal published by Tishreen University.

Publication in this journal is a contributing process to improve knowledge. It is a reflection of the quality of work of the researchers and the institutions they work in. Refereed research supports the scientific method. It aims to publish research and innovative studies in (Business Administration - Finance - Accounting - Economics - Population Statistics - Law )and to consolidate scientific and intellectual links, submitted by professors and specialized researchers from the faculties of Tishreen University and other public and private universities, and researchers from   Arab and foreign universities and research centers, in Arabic, English .

 The journal publishes in Arabic original research papers with an abstract in English. It may also publish in English or French  with an abstract in Arabic and English.

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Current Issue

Vol. 46 No. 1 (2024): Tishreen University Journal of Research and Scientific Studies - Economic and Legal Sciences
Published: 2024-04-08


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