Syrian-Russian Economic Relations Under Current Circumstances


  • Loay Sayouh tishreen journal
  • Rami Layka
  • Sammer Skief


The study aimed to clarify the Syrian-Russian economic relations under the current circumstances, study the impact of the economic relations between the two countries on the international economy, and reduce external economic pressures and restrictions. The researcher relied on the descriptive approach as well as on the historical method by referring to the historical sequence of the development of international relations over the course of the war in Syria.

Among the most important results reached by the researcher:

1- It is expected that the Syrian-Russian economic relations will witness more stability and economic prosperity, which prevents any conflict between them, due to the possibility of their economic convergence and their enjoyment of important economic advantages, in light of the constant work to develop the economies of both countries and their military agreement.

2- The Syrian-Russian cooperation has positive repercussions in the interest of the two countries. Peace, a prosperous economic life, and the joint alliance between Syria and Russia will form great powers that will achieve single gains.

3- Most of the previous studies indicate that Russia economically has a strategic vision to reach the top of the international economic system. Among the obstacles and negatives, which may represent weaknesses on the path of Syria towards its progress and development, it is necessary to work to overcome these obstacles and negatives and get rid of them.




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