A Study the Effect of Earthquakes on Outdoor Power Substations


  • mouhammad Zhira Tishreen University
  • Alaa Eldin Housam Eldin Manara University


earthquake, power substations, Electrical stresses, electric field.



After a series of weak and moderate earthquakes that hit Syria recently; especially the coast, the very few reference studies in this field show that earthquakes leave significant damages to outdoor power substations, especially on tension 400/220kV. These stations were first built in the country in 1988 in Aleppo, Adra and Hama. Since there is no study of station equipment in Syria on earthquakes prior to 1997, the previous stations are not resilient to earthquakes. This is why it is necessary to study the impact of earthquakes on the elements of the electrical network because any damage that occurs during strong earthquakes causes a power outage, which will be reflected negatively on all other sectors, particularly the medical sector and emergency systems.

This research aims to identify the weaknesses in the installations of electrical stations that are subject to the greatest electrical stress in the case of normal work. In addition, to know the relationship between the damages that occur in these points during earthquakes and the permanent tensions applied to them. It also aims to provide the necessary proposals for the structural engineer to reduce the accumulation of earthquake tensions with permanent electrical stresses.

The research shows that most of the damage to the equipment during an earthquake occurs at the points where the largest electrical stresses prevail as a result of the electric field applied to it in the case of normal work. It is necessary for the structural engineer who studies to protect the station from earthquakes to consult a specialist in such equipment and their mechanism.

Author Biographies

mouhammad Zhira, Tishreen University

Professor, Department of Electrical Power Engineering

Alaa Eldin Housam Eldin, Manara University

Professor, Department of Mechatronics,Faculty of Egineering



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زهيرة م, حسام الدين عا. A Study the Effect of Earthquakes on Outdoor Power Substations. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2020Dec.2 [cited 2024Jul.16];42(5). Available from: https://journal.tishreen.edu.sy/index.php/engscnc/article/view/10022

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