Improving the Performance of Wireless Networks with BEND Coding Technology


  • Mohammad Sobeih Tishreen University
  • Ali Abu Saeed Tishreen University


Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Network Coding, Coding Threshold, Coding Conditions, Queues


Network coding is one of the important researches in multi-hop wireless networks domain and it widely participates in improving the performance of these networks, since it benefits from the broadcasting nature of transmission processes to transmit more than single packet in one broadcasting transmission. So it achieves double use of the available bandwidth, which can increase the throughput of the network and reduce the congestion. Our aim in this research is to verify the improvement that network coding presents to the performance of multi-hops wireless Ad Hoc networks by taking advantage of the possible coding opportunities and increasing their number in this type of network by improving the BEND coding technology that works on the MAC layer by changing the method of building queues for each node and adding new queues according to the detected paths

Author Biographies

Mohammad Sobeih, Tishreen University

Associate Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Engineering,

Ali Abu Saeed, Tishreen University

Postgraduate Student (PhD), Faculty of Informatics Engineering



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صبيح م, أبو سعيد ع. Improving the Performance of Wireless Networks with BEND Coding Technology. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2020Dec.2 [cited 2024Jul.18];42(5). Available from:

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