Detection of Power Quality Disturbances in Distribution Power Systems Using Discrete Wavelet Transformer


  • Faisal Shaaban Tishreen University
  • Isam Husamo Tishreen University
  • Jafar Abdullah Tishreen University


Power quality disturbances, Distribution power systems, Discrete wavelet transformer


Monitoring of power quality using digital computers has become of major importance, because it enables to diagnose the different disturbances at both the producer and consumer, and helps the engineer for making the right decision and choosing the more suitable solution to the case under study. Thereby improving power quality problems within the permitted standards. One of the most powerful digital signal processing techniques to evaluate and analyze power quality is wavelet transform.

In this paper, discrete wavelet transform was used to detect the power quality disturbances in the distribution network of Metal smelting factory in Lattakia. The mentioned network was modeled in MATLAB-Simulink, then, discrete wavelet transform was applied on the signals extracted from the main bus-bar feeding the factory loads. The results showed the ability of wavelet transform to detect different disturbances. The transients and waveform deformation of voltage signal were monitored accurately.

Author Biographies

Faisal Shaaban, Tishreen University

Professor- Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Isam Husamo, Tishreen University

Assistant Professor - Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Jafar Abdullah, Tishreen University

Postgraduate Student (Master)- Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering



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شعبان ف, حسامو ع, عبدالله ج. Detection of Power Quality Disturbances in Distribution Power Systems Using Discrete Wavelet Transformer. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2020Dec.2 [cited 2023Dec.5];42(5). Available from:

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