Suggest Algorithms to Solve the Problems of Assembly System Balancing Using Computer


  • Tammam Salloum Aleppo University
  • Imad Addeen Ajam Aleppo University


The twenty-first century witnessed a staggering development in industrial production processes, as international companies began to support computer-aided manufacturing and assembly systems in their production to keep pace with the development of modern knowledge and science. Hence, it is necessary to study these systems more deeply if we want to compete with other companies.. Perhaps the most important cause of these problems is the wasted time due to the absence of planning and standard instructions on the assembly line. All this prompted the need for researchers to develop many methods and algorithms that help manage assembly lines more efficiently. The term of Production Line Balancing refers to arranging and allocating assembly operations with the aim of ensuring a regular flow when the assembly line is operating. Moreover, balancing is an effective tool used to develop assembly line productivity in various fields as it helps to eliminate bottlenecks, and also helps to increase production rate and efficiency. First, we conducted a comprehensive literature review of the subject, then looked at how to classify assembly line problems, then introduced the COMSOAL algorithm, which is one of the most important methods directed at solving assembly system balancing problems. As for the applied study, we developed three proposed and hybrid algorithms, starting with the COMSOAL algorithm, where the aim was to find ways to solve all types of ordinary assembly line problems within proposed flow charts, based on previous studies..Then we tested the proposed algorithms and compared them with a reference case and the results were identical.



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