Enhancing Link Reliability for GPSR-MA protocol in VANETs-Highways


  • Mothanna AlKubaeli
  • Sara Inbashi


Vehicular Ad Hoc Network, Geographic Routing, Link Reliability, next relay node


               Vehicular Ad-hoc network is an emerging technology, which takes vehicles as nodes to form a wireless network. The topology of such network changes rapidly as the nodes are in continuous motion with different speeds, leading to some serious issues that must be handled properly in order to make VANETs effective. One of these problems is Link Breakage, which GPSR-MA suffers from, especially in Highways environments

               In this paper, we propose the new suggested protocol, called Reliable-GPSR (R-GPSR) that relies on both node’s velocity & velocity change information (Ds) to select the best next relay node and to avoid Link Breakage problem as much as possible principally on highways.

For this purpose, we used the simulator NS 2.35 with some additions to perform both of GPSR-MA & R-GPSR. Based on analysis, comparison among the tow protocols and from the simulation results we have obtained, we found that R-GPSR is the best under the circumstances set out in the study.



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القبيلي م, إنباشي س. Enhancing Link Reliability for GPSR-MA protocol in VANETs-Highways. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2020May29 [cited 2024Jun.17];42(2). Available from: https://journal.tishreen.edu.sy/index.php/engscnc/article/view/9561

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