Load Balancing in Cloud Computing (Compare Among Many Algorithms)


  • Nasser Nasser
  • Talal Alaateky
  • Orwah Abd Alhameed


Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, Task Scheduling, Cloud Storage, Replications


Load Balancing is essential for efficient operations in distributed environments. As Cloud Computing is growing rapidly and clients are demanding more services and better results, load balancing for the Cloud has become a very interesting and important research area. Many algorithms were suggested to provide efficient mechanisms and algorithms for

assigning the client’s requests to available Cloud nodes. These approaches aim to enhance the overall performance of the Cloud and provide the user more satisfying and efficient services. In this paper, we investigate the different algorithms proposed to

resolve the issue of load balancing and task scheduling in Cloud Computing. We discuss and compare these algorithms to provide an overview of the latest approaches in the field.




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ناصر ن, العاتكي ط, عبد الحميد ع. Load Balancing in Cloud Computing (Compare Among Many Algorithms). Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2020Oct.1 [cited 2024Jul.14];42(4). Available from: https://journal.tishreen.edu.sy/index.php/engscnc/article/view/9926

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