Speech acts in the Manbijiat maqama of Ibn Al-Wardi


  • Ali Haidar
  • Samira ALRaheb
  • MONA Al-Ali


Pragmatic focused on the study of verbal methods and Semantic effects associated with the Maqama context, pragmatic interest in language is manifested by Focusing on the method of use , linking it to the achievement plan , and its impact on the listener .
The research attempts to high light the most important verbal acts used by Ibn Al-Wardi in his maqama. In which he was able to influence the recipient , by specifying the achievement purposes of the various direct and indirect verbal acts .
The research found that maqama discourse is a fertile field for practicing pragmatic procedures represented in the theory od verbs acts thonks to its linguistic issues and contextual dimensions .



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حيدر ع. ., الرَّاهب س. . ., & العلي م. . . (2020). Speech acts in the Manbijiat maqama of Ibn Al-Wardi. Tishreen University Journal- Arts and Humanities Sciences Series, 42(5). Retrieved from https://journal.tishreen.edu.sy/index.php/humlitr/article/view/10008

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