Animal welfare statement:

Animal welfare statement:

The use of laboratory animal in any research must be done according to the ethics relating to the use of these animals in  the scientific work.  Therefore the authors should sign on their responsibility for the application of these ethics. The following  guideline  according to the National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NETNT).


  1. Respect animal dignity
  2. Responsibility for considering options (replace).
  3. The principle of proportionality:responsibility for considering and balancing suffering and benefit.
  4. Responsibility for considering reducing  the used number of animals (Reduce).
  5. Responsible for minimizing the risk of suffering and improving animal welfare
  6. Responsibility for maintaining biological diversity
  7. Responsibility when intervening in a habitat
  8. Responsibility for openness and sharing of data and material
  9. Requirement of expertise on animals
  10. Requirement of due care”

I am confirm as author/s  that signing this statement is to guarantee that the submitted manuscript followed the Ethical Guidelines above for the use of Animals in this research.


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