Processing a Random Distributed Signal in WSN by GSP


  • Yaser Omleh Al-Baath University
  • Hasan Albustany Tartous University
  • Noama Younes Al-Baath University


Wireless Sensor Network, Graph Signal Processing, Finite Response Filter, Graph signal, Adjacency matrix.


Graphs is a method to represent the irregular data produced from many surrounding physical phenomena that have complex structures. The graph signal processing (GSP) is tools used to process irregular data Signal that DSP could not process it by developing basic concepts and tools in DSP such as Fourier transform, filtering, frequency response, in order to be able to process the represented data by graph. It is available and applicable choice in WSN for processing distributed physical data, which measured by sensor nodes.  The graph represents relative positions of sensors in the environment, and every node represents sample from physical phenomena.

This research aims to implement many operations to achieve filtering and spectrum analyzing for data signal produced from sensing operation performed by random distributed WSN.

The results proved that this can be achieved based on a mathematical study and the application of the available proper functions.

Author Biographies

Yaser Omleh, Al-Baath University

Professor, Department of  Electronic and Comm. Department

Hasan Albustany, Tartous University

Assistant Professor, ICTE Faculty- CESE Department

Noama Younes, Al-Baath University

PHD. Student - Mechanical & Elect. Engineering Faculty, Electronic and Comm. Depart



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عملة ي, البستاني ح, يونس ن. Processing a Random Distributed Signal in WSN by GSP. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2020Dec.2 [cited 2023Nov.28];42(5). Available from:

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