Prediction of Rain Attenuation and Impact of Rain in Line Of Sight Microwaves for Coastal Region in Syria- Lattakia


  • Moein Younis Tishreen University
  • Kinda Abu Kasem Tishreen University
  • Ammar Ali Tishreen University


Microwave Link, Line Of Sight, Rain Attenuation, Effective path Length, Specific Rain Attenuation, Rain Rate, Prediction Models


At frequencies above 10 GHz, the rain can affect damping significantly, and the effect of atmospheric damping is an important concept that needs to be taken into consideration as we need to visit the site appropriately and use an appropriate method to control the damping level with this The way we can increase and improve overall performance. The studied system consists of Huawei-Microwave links, radio unit, rain gauge and data recorder through a PC that is permanently connected to the radio equipment. We compared the expected damping data from the prediction models with the measured rain damping data in these studied microwave links. A variety of forecast models have been analyzed: ITU-R P.530-16, ITU-R P.530-11, Da Silva Mello, Moupfouma and Abdulrahman. It's found that ITU-R P. 530-17 and ITU-R P. 530-11 give very close values to the measured values with the studied frequencies and the Moupfouma model shows relatively close values whereas the models of Silva Mello and Abdulrahman give too far values compared to the real value. These studies help determine which rain damping model is most relevant and appropriate to the studied spheres. These results will give us a useful evaluation of rain damping in the microscopic links in temperate coastal areas that have similar conditions to the Lattakia region - Syria.

Author Biographies

Moein Younis, Tishreen University

Professor - Department of Telecommunication Engineering,

Kinda Abu Kasem, Tishreen University

Associate Professor - Department of Computer and Control Engineering

Ammar Ali, Tishreen University

Postgraduate Student (Master), Telecommunication Engineering Department, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering



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يونس م, أبو قاسم ك, علي ع. Prediction of Rain Attenuation and Impact of Rain in Line Of Sight Microwaves for Coastal Region in Syria- Lattakia. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2021Jan.18 [cited 2024Feb.25];42(6). Available from:

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