BIM's Effective Role in Enhancing Collaboration by Designing Syrian Sports Buildings


  • Jamal Omran


Building information modelling –Collaboration- ICT


Effective flow of data and communication at all stages of a construction project is important for reaching required coordination and collaboration between all project stakeholders, leading to effective management of the projects. In present situation, when project participants are geographically divided, operation of information communication technology (ICT) enables such effective communication. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to focus on BIM implementation and collaboration for construction project management.

Nowadays, participants in the process of construction are increasingly concerned about the cost and time required to complete the design of projects. However, they know that the design environment have become substantially more complex, which provides great opportunities to improve the process. The initial phases of the design process are particularly important for the quality of the final product, since most of the features and expenses of the construction life cycle are allocated at this stage. The main goal is to determine and back up a new method of working with integrated cycle from a life cycle perspective, obtaining, during the early design stage of a construction project, both client requirements and collaboration between stakeholders.

Developing an open and dynamic framework for collaboration, where all partners share information in a common Open Information Environment and supplement knowledge to the project, is the objective. Improving communication, faith and cooperation are the main motives lying behind this. The means and methods to achieve this are derived from innovative development and the use of existing possibilities of Building Information Models and neutral exchange formats, Product Lifecycle Management and new advanced software applications, together with the development of shared guidelines.

As a case study is the design of the rehabilitation of the Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Stadium in Homs City.





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