Removal of Oil Compounds from Polluted Water Using Membrane Technology


  • Lina Alwary Tishreen University
  • Adel Awad Tishreen University
  • Tamim Alia Tishreen University
  • Ali Ali Tartous University
  • Zaki Al-Aji Tishreen University


Polluted water, Petroleum oil, Membrane.


The oil industries are accompanied by the issuance of many oil pollutants that are spread between soil, water and air, which are considered to be of great harm to the environment and people. Membrane technology is an environmental friend, and one of modern technologies that removes these compounds. This research aimed to remove pollutants present in low concentrations in the water contaminated with them. Experiments were carried out on commercial membranes and work was done to improve them with the aim of increasing their effectiveness, but the effectiveness of these commercial membranes and even after improving them remained low in removing pollutants from the water. In the second stage, work was done to manufacture new membranes and improve their effectiveness through the use of titanium nanoparticles and their effectiveness in removing oil pollutants from the contaminated water in them and in the case of an emulsion was studied, using the dead end methods and the opposite current, and these membranes were effective in removing emulsified oil from the contaminated water in both ways, the removal rate was 97%. It was found that adding the improved titanium oxide nanoparticles with arginine increased the amount of water flowing through the membrane.


Author Biographies

Lina Alwary, Tishreen University

Dr, Marine Chemistry Department, Higher Institute for Marine Research

Adel Awad, Tishreen University

Professor, Environmental Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Faculty

Tamim Alia, Tishreen University

Professor, Environmental Chemistry Department, Higher Institute for Environment Researc

Ali Ali, Tartous University

Professor, Food Technology Department, Faculty of Technology

Zaki Al-Aji, Tishreen University

Researcher, Polymer Technology Division, Department of Radiation Technology, Atomic Energy Commission of Syria



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الوعري ل, عوض ع, عليا ت, علي ع, العجي ز. Removal of Oil Compounds from Polluted Water Using Membrane Technology. Tuj-eng [Internet]. 2021Jan.18 [cited 2024Feb.28];42(6). Available from:

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