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مجلة جامعة تشرين للبحوث والدراسات العلمية- سلسلة الآداب والعلوم الانسانية

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معامل التأثير العربي  
Posted: 2019-03-23
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Vol 42, No 2 (2020): Tishreen University Journal- Arts and Humanities Sciences Series

Table of Contents


Vocabulary of Social Morals in the Speeches of Imam Al-Hasan Al-Askari Selected Excerpts-An Analytical Social Study PDF
Yusra Zreka
The Khazari Umayyad War Conflict in the Caucasus (40-132 AH/661-750 AD ) PDF
Shaza Mkna
The concept of self and art in the theory of the Platonic ideal PDF
Alaa Nasser
The grammatical reason for alsabaan In his footnote to Explain Ashmoni PDF
Malik Yehia, Waheed Safiya, Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Jafan
Irrational Ideas and Their Relation to Factors of Causal Attribution to Success and Failure among a Sample of Tenth Year Secondary Students in Lattakia City PDF
Rasha Bahgat Saleh
the academic leaders role in Jordanian universities in the use of technology at various levels of management PDF
Bassam Al-Omari, Mariam abdullha Mourtada
The Organizational Climate and their effect on Organizational loyalty among Kindergartens Teachers in Lattakia city - Afield Study PDF
Wafegah Ali
The degree of availability of educational competencies for the first cycle teachers -A field study in basic education schools in the city of Lattakia- PDF
Mutieah Ahmad, Rama kanjo
Preparing A Picture Aggression Scale PDF
Aishaa Hijazi, Ahmed Hamza

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